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You let me down...

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Sitting on the bedside, waking up

So tired, I didn't sleep enough

Tossed and turned, did it all night

Half awake, staring at the sunlight


Looking at the empty space beside me

Thinking that's where you should be

It's been a couple of months now

But I still call your name out loud


Where are you, where have you been

Why have you shut me out, let me in

Back into your love, in your embrace

Don't let another moment go to waste


Cause I can't stand it, life without you

I am so lost, I have no clue

I need your love , so it can steer me

With you, I can see everything so clearly


But you haven't called or written

Left me with no one to listen

To the darkness that is in my heart

Torn asunder, broken apart


Love, you have let me down

Like an angel, fallen to the ground

The sun has set, the moon will rise

Another day that I dry me eyes


Love, you have let me down

Around in circles, like a merry go round

I have no start, I see no finish

What kind of life really is this


Love, you have failed me miserably

I trusted you, followed you blindly

Into the abyss, now my heartache

Was your choice for me just a mistake


Is this the life I'm supposed to live

Give everything I have to give

Only to have it thrown away

While I suffer and mourn everyday


Then take it back, all my love

Had all I can take, had enough

This isn't worth what I got in return

Let this be a lesson others can learn


Do you know how it feels to die inside

To lose everything because someone lied

That those I love you's meant nothing

Could it be worse, what else is coming


To be the last to know you're done

To figure out you're not the one

To be replaced in just one day

To have everything just taken away


To have to cry, to make you feel alive

To get through each day, just to survive

To look in the mirror and only see pain

Hoping today is the last, never again


Watching slowly as each day goes by

Trying to fight each time you cry

To put aside all the anger, pain and hate

Not knowing how long you'll have to wait


Until there is nothing to worry about

But you, yourself and your self doubt

Because this too much for one to take

How much pain can one love make


It's enough to try and commit suicide

There is no more pain once you've died

To have to move on without your love

With no explanation besides just because


Wasted time, all those wasted years

Unnecessary drama, unnecessary tears

Has no meaning if I'm not with you

Only for you to tell me it's over, we're through

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beautiful but do not despair, there are many who care. hang in there you will make it and be ok. find peace in your life, i know it is tough but your happiness should not depend on somebody else. i know at one point i almost killed myself, and no matter what happens, i am glad i did not. your life is worth more.


grow stronger from the love you had, and the journey you are taking. find foregiveness and let go of the anger, it only hurts you. find peace and know you are a special person that God put here on earth. i know you pain, good luck to you

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