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Hi- ive been eating better than before and lost about 6lbs but its going very slow. I can notice a decrease in my pant size. I am able to get into my previous size pants but I have a feeling Im not loosing weight the way i should be. This has taken me( without exercise )4 weeks. I am 220lbs now and 6 ft 1" woman tall.




I have a strong apetite but Ive cut out mcdonalds, sodas and drink water, eat salty mixed nuts all the time, I try to cut breakfast or eat 2 scrambled eggs in olive oil, sandwhiches for lunch, or just nuts to keep my metabolism going..... i starved myself for 2 weeks and dropped from 226 to 215 and then my appetite kicked in again and now i weigh 220 but I dont see a difference on the body, I feel heavier in my upper torso and cheeks but feel great in my legs and lower torso.... ????????? Dont know what is going on!


Any suggestions are appreciated.



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I have a friend who went from 230 to 110 in about 18 months. She told me the trick was to drink water whenever she felt hungry. She didn't starve herself, just learned that all those cravings were actually a result of thirst and not hunger.


hmmm, i have noticed that I dont like eating when I drink water. good suggestion , thanks!

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Avoid bread at all costs. Especially white bread. White bread is what the glycemic index is based on, and is actually the most fattening food on the planet. White bread is more fattening than bacon is. Avoid potatoes as well, they're just as fattening.


Also, don't cut out meals. Eat several (see 5 or 6) small meals per day. Not small as in one serving, small as in, say, 200-250 calories. Maybe a banana with peanut butter for one meal, three or four pieces of celery with fresh cheese slices for another, and two or three ham and cheese or turkey and cheese rollups for another.


I've managed to lose 60 pounds since May using these tactics, absolutely no exercize involved. Take a step foreward by googling and reading about the glycemic index. Once you understand that, you'll understand how to lose weight quite easily.

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For me your diet sounds weird. Salty mixed nuts? I thought they are unhealthy. I also have heard that you get more calories if you eat bread instead of proper meals.


Anyway.. walking, swimming, biking etc. sports are nice plus if you really want permanently lose weight. Or I don't know. But for me starving for the rest of my life sounds horrible. Normal healthy homecooked meals and sports few times a week and you shoudn't have problem. 8-)

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Breakfast is actually the most important meal to eat and you're hurting your metabolism by skipping it. So start eating a healthy breakfast.


Also, I think you're doing just fine with the pace. If you want to lose weight at a rate that will actually keep it off, 1-2 pounds per week is healthy. Any more than that and chances are it's going to come back on.


Start exercising more also. Try for 30 minutes of increased heart rate about five times a week.

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Dr. Gabriell Cousins is the place to start. Here's an interview with him:

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David Wolf's site link removed

Dr. Russell Blaylock: link removed


Any diabetes? Watch "Raw in Thirty". Knocked out diabetes in thirty days for six patients.


Raw food and super foods will help you lose it. My understanding is that lack of nutrients triggers the hunger pains. Eat super foods and raw to some percentage of your diet and you eat less food but have more nutrients to stave off the hunger.


Regardless of what I know, these guys will get you there.


The Cousins article is really long. Scan it for various thing that interest you. Mike Adams is interviewing him. He's pretty awesome too. A nutritional journalist.

Find his site. Get their newsletters.


New year's resolution: Educate yourself well. You'll succeed.

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If you want to lose weight your best benefits will come from a long-term, slow process, program rather than a crash (starve yourself) diet. A general rule of thumb is the slower you lose the weight the better your chances are of keeping it off so slow and steady progress is better than quick in most cases. Rather than focusing so much on your eating habits you should also incorporate some exercise activity in your daily routine in combination with your healthier eating choices. If you starve yourself and not exercise your body will adapt to this method quite easily and will beging to start storing everything you eat as it's smart enough to know that you are not nourishing it as often as before, so with that method alone you may have a problem kicking off the weight. Eat often, eat healthy and be more active and stay persistent to this and you should do well in the long run. True change does take time. best of luck to you

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