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How to attract your ex again?


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Ok, so we've been broken up for a lil over three months. And me, her, a friend of mine and a friend of hers hung out last night. I was being myself, making everyone laugh, but there is still that awkward vibe bewteen me and her. She says she dosen't want to be with me, but she doesn't seem to have a problem hanging out with me with other people. She is 19 and i know she still cares and loves me, even though she says differntly. I dont want to beg and plead cause that has gotten me nowhere in the past. And now, it's winter break we're away from each other, her birthday is on the 30th. I'm lost, how can i get her to feel attraction for me again, without scaring her off? should i send her something on her birthday?

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You don't. Go out and date other girls.


You could either find a girl you like more. (Which you should do)


Make her jealous and she will come back. (Which you shouldn't do)


Or you could stay single for a little bit longer while still dating other girls. Either way you'll be with other girls.


You'll feel better and not so lonely if you stop chasing around the girl who dumped you and go after new and better things.

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