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Thank you for sharing

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I just want to say thank you to this forum, this year was a tough year for me as I had to deal with the break up for almost 9 months! On and off and on and off, it is finally over, it should be over for sure now....


I come to this place for advice, for solace and support and it has been great!


Just want to say thank you to you all for sharing your experiences with us, all human emotions are quite universal, so when reading stories, I feel it definitely resonate with me..... I enjoyed it a lot!


Happy Holidays to you all...

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Elenanor, it not quite over, my ex called me when he came back in town and we started few communication on the phone, the DEFINITELY set me back a bit, it was NC 40 days at that point, and now I am back to NC 4 days


NC does work if you allow it too, if you're committed to it, it works for sure, it only doesn't work when there is hope and dragging on and on, but if you self talk enough, he is not worth it, no future, it works wonder!

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