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Got back with my Ex, But Scared of Getting hurt :(


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I got back with my ex... we were datng for 4 years and have 2 kids together. Allot of things have happened in the time we were broken up... I dated other people, so did he (including my best mate, which i must menton she was like my sister!).


I love him so much, but he can be so difficult at times when we got back he didnt want me to have my 1 and only friend, because she is friends with 1 of the guys i was seeing. He has also told me, i need to put weight on as he doesnt find skinny girls attractive He has also picked and poked at my parenting skills and my house. Ive been really poorly lately and have asked for his help in looking after the kids.. He lives with his parents and there are in there 60's so are abit old for young children to be running about, so he declined He works online and has been spending 14 hours a day working from home, as my internet isnt reliable, so ive had to see him at 12-2am in the morning. He also wants me to be alright with him spending time with a girl who is his friend (she is our sons godmother), whilst me and him were broken up he got close to her he wanted to take things further, but he has told me it never did... she refers to him as her future husband, loves him lots e.t.c. surely any gf would be seriously weary of this??? or am i blowing things out of proportion. I asked him a simple question the other day regarding the time that he was seeing my best mate, it took him an hour to give me a simple yes or no answer!!! he tried everyway possible to not give me an answer, also kicked off with me that i just cant let things drop!.

Its xmas eve as i write this and he isnt spending xmas with me and the kids due to him working, i feel his work/money is more important. We have broken up now as i just cant handle anymore of this picking and poking...


we are thinking of getting back and makin sure we change things. But im not 100% sure i can just let everything drop... Im scared to open up to him, incase i get hurt again...


Does anyone think that in time things will be become good again between us... Or shud i just walk away and not even think about it???


What would you do?


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I don't like this whole thing...poking at you to gain weight, your parenting skills, him living with his parents, dating/seeing your best mate & the godmother. Personally other than allowing him to have his time with your children and make sure he pays something for them too...don't allow him to get away with not paying for those children...I would say move on and find yourself first.


How old is he? ewwwwwwww adult living with his elderly parents??? I hate to be rude, but he is NOT husband material. Why is he still living at home? And what type of job does he have exactly where he is on the internet that long and those hours? Is he a programmer or work in IT?


I just don't thing you should get back with him...goodness sakes there are alot of men in the world much better than him.


Take care and good luck

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hey i am sorry you had to go through all this, it is very sad. but unless he is willing to do all the work required to get back together, i would say no. has to take ownership, as you do, as to why you broke up. you both need to learn to forgive, to work on yourselfs and the relationship. to be open and honest, and communicate, and living with mom and dad, come on now. it takes so much work after you are broken up, and any relationship takes work too. if he is not commotted to this, and wants to play games, run. it sounds like he does not want to change his behavior, and grow up, and unless he does, you are better off. i am sorry for that. i miss my ex and love her so much, have done the work, but she is not willing. i know it hurts, hang in there.

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