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I can't breathe......

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I seriously can't breathe...Tears keep filling my eyes....I seriously feel so broken inside...


I've had NC for 5 days now. Yes it easy to not call or text him. But everything I do and everyone I meet I keep thinking of him. I didn't want to break up. I want him back and it feels like he literally cut of my right hand.


I met a guy today who very kind and sweet. But i just couldn't because I kept wishing it was HIM....I keep seeing HIM!!!! He's in my mind, he's in my head, he's in my heart.


I have to see him tomorrow during a friends engagment party. I have to pretend that it's all ok and that I'm okay....all the while i'm crying inside. I feel so drained.


Does he not hurt...does he not think of me??? God help me....

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Of course some part of him hurts and Im sure he thinks of you. If he doesnt, then he isnt much of a person. Im sorry for your pain, just try to take a deep breath and remind yourself you can get thorugh this. Every one has been there before, and usually you come out better for it after all the pain.

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hey kiwi, i would just like to give you a BIG HUG**** because you're hurting right now

try to distract yourself from wanting to call or text him, watch a movie, make something to eat, call someone else, keep talking on ENA...you are beautiful and you will be strong for the engagement party, just take care of yourself today and each day will get better

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I know it doesnt feel like it right now, but ultimately you control your own thoughts. Im in the sales and motivation field and am a firm believer in controlling my attitude and environment. Even with this backround, I still had trouble keeping my mind off my ex for about 3 weeks. Now, whenever a thought of her comes accross my mind, I simply TELL MYSELF " I control my thoughts" and force myself to think about something else. Does is still hurt? It hurts like hell, but It feels a lot better now that I am not dwelling on thoughts of her, or for that matter us. I am keeping busy and doing better.


Be strong, you will feel better soon! I went through the same thing a month ago... and am still battling my emotions... but I promise you that you and I will both win!

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Hi Kiwi,


It's definitely a difficult period for you right now. It will pass...just like the law of nature...Winter will always turn to spring.


This might seem the coldest winter for you...forge on...tell yourself that you'll walk through this..and when you really do..you will SHINE!


We have all gone through the same things as you, maybe a couple of times, or still going through it now. So, I believe you can emerge strong and victorious too. We are all here to share it with you..so definitely, you're not alone. =)

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