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trying to figure this confused OR? shy guy out..please HELPPP!!


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im 18 and in my freshman year of college. the guy ive been talking to for about 2 months is a year older. we have gone on a date and have hooked up. he would kiss me once in a while also and when i hangout with him and his friends if i would end up sleeping there he would sleep with his arms around me.


he is very shy around me in front of anyone..if its not just us 2. i know for a fact he has never had a girlfriend before and is a virgin. i am also a virgin and he knows that.in the past few weeks he hasnt hooked up w. me or anyting and no longer sleeps the same way..things have changed and its VERY weird...? i had a tlk with him and he said he likes me a lot but just doenst want n e relationship right now or yet.


do you think this is because hes scared? why would he stop doing the things he was doing? im trying to understand this or figure him out...PLEASE HELPPP!!?!??!??




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yes...making out and whatever else...


please help someone? a lot of my friends say hes scared and doesnt know how to deal wit girls. hes never had a girlfriend. he doesnt really talk to me..gets all weird..his guy friend who im good friends with told me that he gets shy and nervous and has no clue wat to do?

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i actually had a veryyy long conversationn with him, but all that really came up and was fully discussed was him saying how he likes me a lot. i told him i like him too. he said how he wants us to slowly progress and he does not want a relationship right now. his exact words were..."im not looking for a relationship irght now" ....and his exat words to his friend..who im friends with was...."i dont want a relationship right now..i dont awnt the commitment...i kno shes great i erally like her"



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