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I broke NC: looking for your thoughts?


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I got this response from her after I wrote her I had good memories with you.


Her Response




I dunno what to say. I have only good memories with you too. I hope all is well. AC874, I never wanted to hurt you but I just found that things were going different ways, we want different things and this was the best thing for now. But I do think about you and hope all is good with you and your family. And I know this will not happen now but when you are ready I would really like to be friends.... and if you can't I'll understand


My Response


Ms.Ex AC874,


To be fair, you didnt hurt me..Over the last month, we did both realize that we want different things in the longer-term (im 25, and we were talking about stuff as if we were 35), and thats fine. I knew the relationship was over in late October when we had our first conversation about the future. Doesnt mean I dont miss you, or miss what we had during the good times.


What I meant to say is that I love (ms.ex-AC874) the person, the best friend I had for 1.5 years. My door/phone/life will always be open to her. This is entirely her choice.


All the best,





Any thoughts?

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