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am i crazy??????????


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hi all!i have a problem and cant live without telling it!i m in a relationship 4 years and i have to say that the time passes rapidly, we have really good time!5 months ago i saw his mails(we have common mail) and he was writting to an unknown girl about a girl that he met, when i asked him he said that he he was joking and its false to take everything so serious.

last month i did sth bad, i took his mobile and i saw a message that he received from one of his friends but the message said "i miss u, i m thinking of u.."that cant be his friend!then i saw a message from my bf to his "friend" he didnt write sth noticeable.i didnt say that i saw the message and i just said to get apart and he started to say that i m the only one and that ideas and that i m soooo jealous drive me crazy!

so plz answer me..am i crazy?or is he trying to prove that i m crazy because he is not right?!thank u

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Follow your gut instinct. It is usually right. If you think he is being unfaithful, you deserve to know the truth and he should be confronted.

I just finished a great book kind of on this subject called "When your Lover is a Liar". It will walk you through how to confront him on this, without compromising yourself and still being fair to him.

Good luck! You may be in for a rough road, but there is no greater power in the world than the truth. And it will always set you free.

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Male friend don't' send messages like that. It definitely seems like he has something to hide.


However, consider this. Perhaps that girl sent him that message for no reason. A girl one sent me a text l along those lines but she was joking.


I'm not saying you are being un reasonable, I'd feel the same in your position but I wouldn't' advise you to cut him off completely. There may be a thruthful explanation.

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