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What is normal getting in touch time?


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merry christmas!


so i met a girl through a friend and we finally met at a party the other day on monday. It went well. she said she finds me interesting and wants to hang out with me after christmas i guess,etc.


she hung out with our mutual friend last week and immediately brought me up to her and was blushing about it and all that crap that is supposed to be good news.


i made her a gift of sorts and gave her a giant sea shell i found in the ocean (i know it's lame but i wanted to give her something for christmas).


i didn't have my phone on me to get her # but she was really into the idea of hanging out together and stuff..i told her to facebook me and she said she "definitely will"....


i know its only like 2 days later and it's christmas but i'm getting all paranoid that she didn't send me a message yet..even just a nice meeting you or thanks for the stupid gift thing....i'm also bad at all this dating crap and maybe i'm just getting to un-confident....everything felt good when we talked for an hour or so at the party..


should i just assume i'll hear from her when she is ready to hang out? Someone boost my confidence again, i had so much yesterday!!!!

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i know. i couldn't find my stupid phone to get the number..i could have tried harder i suppose..it just seemed to be going really well..i am pretty sure this is all in my head.


"gift" was a strong word to use..i basically made her a card for christmas and gave her that stupid shell because my friend thought she would get a kick out of it.


damn. you're right i should have been more direct but it was hard to make the best decisions after a whole bunch of egg nog. i'll wait til the 27 or 28th when i get back to the city and if i haven't heard from her i'll just take the lead again and things rolling.

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Instead of waiting for her to facebook you, it might be better if you take the initiative since you didn't ask for her phone number. It will show her you're really interested. Find her on facebook and send her a friend request. If she accepts, then you can decide how to proceed. If not, then you don't have to think her about anymore.

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