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shes not the one..but now im stuck! :(


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i met this unusual girl few months ago..and somehow we started liking each other, a lot, and got into a relationship. now after 3 months of relationship, i saw traits, things which she does, which i cant bear.. shes casual and ignorant(herself accepted it, but didnt change) and im pretty serious. now a week ago, we had a fight, real bad.. i told her i was least bothered about the relationship, and she told me she'll mend ways for sure.

that very night, she mailed about the things she did, which went unnoticed according to her. the next morning i dont know why, i asked her to be normal again. now that she is trying, i dont get the same feeling, shes not the one i guess, i perhaps dont have the same comfort level, i dont know. i feel like i should have broken off right there and then.. but she now thinks, everything is normal. i dont want to go up to her randomly and say i want to break off... what should i do? ](*,)

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