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What do i do?????

simon casey

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Right i have been texting a girl who to be honest i have seen once and she has seen me once not ideal she was supposed to be coming round to mine with a few mates as a bit of an 'introduction' etc.


She never came as she has been really unwell but told my Step sister to pass her number on to me. So any way first night was texting her wasnt bad but then i think the game playing comes in which to be honest i dont understand totally. So different people have been saying different things to me so as it stands people have told me not to send any texts until she sends one to me but its not happened lol for about 2 days.


I think when i eventually do meet up with her things will be different.


I got told the other day she has only been split up from her ex boyfriend for a month so i think she is still getting over this. i have only been split up from my ex for about the same but the relasionship with my ex was a bad one so im happy about our split and was over it all before the split anyway.


Apparently her relationship was bad too she was lied to constantly, cheated on and never really spent any time with him.


she has told me step sister that she is not looking for a fella but still wants to meet me. i think after i have met her a few more times her mind will change.


its just at the moment how do i get her intrest and keep it i dont want to rush into anything how can i get her to start approching me and talking, texting me?.


She is a nice girl from what i have seen and heard the type you dont want to get away if you get my meaning.


I really have no idea what to do here people so many people are telling me what to do.


hopefully i can get some constructive feedback here and set the balls in montion lol



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