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How long until it's been too long?


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I know no one can really answer this...but I just wish I knew when I should absolutely realize that he's not going to change his mind and that it's just been too long...


I'm in a pretty good place right now, actually. I've lost 8 lbs, just got my hair cut and highlighted again. Bought a bunch of new clothes that look great...joined link removed. I don't *pine* to talk to him any more, I feel ok and I accept that I have no business contacting him, I don't remember how many days it's been since we spoke off the top of my head any more--I have to check. A big part of me realizes we probably won't ever *really* speak again. I'm excited at what the future may hold for me, I've gotten a lot of interest on link removed. But somewhere in the back of my mind, I know that I honestly would like him back still.


We haven't spoken in 25 days now, since two days after Thanksgiving. I laid it all out there on that day and told him that I still had feelings for him. He apologized and said he hadn't known I still felt that way. We had broken up at the end of September, but been "friends" 90% of that time. Then I disappeared without a word and he tried to contact me a little over a week ago--I didn't respond. He didn't try again after that. Now I'm curious if he'll contact me for Christmas the way he did at Thanksgiving--or if he won't because our relationship isn't as friendly as it was then. I guess if he's silent through the holidays--I should take that as my definate "it's completely over"?

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You should take it that it is completely over right now. The fact that he apologized and said that he hadn't known you still felt that way about him speaks volumes of where his head is at. There was no thought in his mind of getting back together with you..he just wanted friendship. It is best if he doesn't contact you at this point because that will just give you false hope again. You need to heal yourself and continuing to be in contact with him just sets you back in the healing process. You survived well without him in your life before, you will do just fine now.

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