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Driving Myself Crazy...


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OK I have been seeing this girl I met on a social networking site for about 2 and a half weeks...We have been out 4 times but we talk daily and text numerous times throughout the day...I really like this girl ALOT.....I'm just not sure what I can say to her at this point since it hasn't been too long without freaking her out or scaring her off...Especially since she said she would like to continue to see me but things have to go SLOW


Is it OK to tell her that I think about her alot and see if she is feeling the same thing? Is it OK to talk about how long she usually sees someone before considering it or moving it to being an exclusive/serious relationship. Can I ask her if she is seeing anyone else? She origiannly asked me like right away if I was dating other girls (she said I didn't have to answer) and I told her I usually only date 1 person at a time. I did not immediatley ask her, but now I feel like I want to know.


Again I really like this girl and I want her to know that without scaring her off. I want her to know I am interested in a more serious relationship at some point with her. I don't want freak her out but I don't want to play it too cool to make sure she knows I care and am intersted.


Am I just thinking way too soon about these things? I told her I'm glad I met her and liker her/ like getting to know her more and fining things out about her and she said she feels the same.

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Sometimes you can meet a person and really start to vibe with them; it's nothing abnormal about that. Just be cool on your approach but don't be TOO laid-back about things. You want her to know you're interested, but that you're not going to jump into anything so sudden.


Yeah it's a fine line though....I guess there's a difference between actually jumping into something and talking about it, but talking about it could freak her out just as much. BUT if I don't talk about she may think I'm not thinking about it.


*sigh* I HATE this.....This is the WORST part of a relationship...The beginning before you know how eachother feels....The stress blahhh

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