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Crazy Ex Email Filter


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This is for those of you with a crazy ex you just don't want to deal with anymore. My friend from work created this after getting fed up with his nutjob ex that just won't quit.


In Gmail (or your mail client of choice) create a filter for anyone you want to ignore and forward the emails from the undesirable person to crazy.ex.filter@link removed and check the "delete" box. Poof! No more annoying emails from your ex.


The message they will receive is as follows:


The account you emailed has activated Gmail's advanced new Crazy-Ex Email Filtering Application. Messages from your account will no longer appear in their inbox. This is their way of attempting to cut off any and all communications with you in a pleasant, non-confrontational manner. They hope you have a nice day and say: "Don't leave mad, just leave."



I love the signature it adds as well:


New Crazy-Ex Email Filter: making sure you always get the last word in.
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That's cute, but practically speaking it's worthless. If I were a crazy ex (possible prior experience in this area), I would continue to email to see if I got the automated response. It's an illusion of power for the person who sets it, the real power comes with being able to deal with the crazy ex emails oneself.

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