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The TRUE reasons for being dumped.


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I have personally never had a real break up; then again I never had a real relationship. What happened to me recently was just that a quite intense and long-term romance abruptly ended due to a few silly misunderstandings.

In our final conversation, she also started mentioning several things that she disliked about me since we met, but had never told me before, throughout all these years... which sounded pretty strange.


I wondered, looking at my case and reading other break up/dumping cases here on this forum and all over the world, whether the true reasons behind such kind of break ups are actually purely materialistic.


e.g. for example, they met someone who is more attractive than you, who is richer than you, who can give them more than you from an entirely materialistic point of view.


Could you say that the hidden reason behind all break ups (of this kind) is because the dumper has found someone "better"?

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