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Mothers and there opinions


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ok so I hate writing on here so much but it feel at the moment i have no one to turn too


Just some back round have my bf's first cousins wedding coming up this weekend and I just had his nephews christening on the weekend...



Here it goes..

Ok so last night I was meant to pick up my bf to go for a quick coffee before he saw his cousins.


I text him hey babe on the way


And then he text me back dont come in prank me and ill get my car had a massive fight with mum


I knew immediately that it was about me and I asked him what had happened and he told me don’t worry about it. I said to him I have a right to know …


Anyway his mum questioned him whether or not my dress was appropriate for the wedding and should she be concerned that it’s too low or too short … anyway she also said that the dress I wore to the christening didn’t suit my bust and was too tight and I shouldn’t wear push up bras to christenings ( I wasn’t wearing one ) I didn’t even have any cleavage coming out ,, anyway my bf LOST IT …. LOST IT at his mum called her snobby etc and she said I am representing their family and I cant look like in appropriate etc So he met up with me and I was HYSTERICAL crying … she said I should have gone a size up in the dress I wore to the christening and it was too tight... which it wasnt... we called his sister and she said that I looked lovely and it was fine.


Well he hasn’t spoken to his mum since. The sister spoke to me yesterday and said her mum has been like that since she was little and was always uptight and his sister went through hell with her mum too.


So this morning I went a bought a new dress because I didn’t really think my other was going to be appropriate and to be on the safe side.


So now… my bf isn’t talking to his mum cause he is angry


His mum is ignoring my bf


I feel MIGHTY akward…



What do I do? I have to see them for xmas and I am put into this very terrible situation....

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