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Okay so apparently I missed my MMR booster & something else, so they gave me it.


I had them both done, waited for a while as a precaution in case I was allergic, I felt a bit woozy and dizzy, but otherwise, fine, went home, my symptoms got worse, I felt very woozy, tingly/pains, shaking, i had diarrhea, felt very sick, heart was acting strange, so i called nhs, they said it could be allergic reaction or it could be a bug going around since theres an epidemic of it, she said to get some allergy meds, so I took some benedryl, been asleep all afternoon, feel better but still feel sick/shaky/very weird.


Has anyone else had this type of reaction before?

Is it normal?

What can you do to make it better?


It's Christmas in like, 3 days. I don't want to be like this.

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I got the shot when I was around your age. I had it when I was very young but they found that those vaccines weren't as effective so they made me get it again.


After I got it I walked back to the waiting room and passed out before i made it there. I felt light headed and dizzy for a day or two and then I was fine.

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It just seems odd that it happened right after the shot.


Avman, I didn't pass out but I was very close.


At the moment, my arms are aching(no wonder), I have a bad stomach ache, my jaw is hurting but to be honest I think I've done something to it because it clicked yesterday and it hurts since then lol, I've not ate much so that won't help the dizziness I guess. I'll have something light but I feel quite sick.

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mmk i went to the chemist

he said because my immune system is probably weakened atm due to the jab, i probably have caught a cold / flu, since there is an epidemic of it right now, so it was even easier to catch, said to rest, take paracetamol/ibuprofen & drink plenty.

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