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Ideas for a christmas present?


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Hey everyone! I have been dating someone for a little less than a month. It will actually be a month on Christmas. Previously, I was in a 5.5 year relationship, so it has been a while since I had to buy for someone 'new'. Anyway, I am clueless as what to get her, how much to spend, etc. Things have moved kind of quickly between us. We are already very close and I have spent the last two weekends at her place. I am not sure if it is too soon for jewelery (necklace of some sort). Any input would be much appreciated.


I probably should start my Christmas shopping soon.... haha.



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For someone new, I would try keep it within a certain amount - maybe $20-$30?


Anything you know she likes (hobbies, colours, something she goes gaga over)?


Expensive jewelry is probably too soon, but some earrings might be good (if she wears them!).


Some gloves to keep her hands warm?


A gift kit from her favorite coffee shop? (stay away from gift cards though, those are more likely to disappoint than please).


A book by her favorite author?

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