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He still contacts me

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My last posts explain the whole situation, but my bf broke up with me again, and ran straight to another girl in under a week. granted, i was horrible to him, but i was very afraid of being hurt again by him.


now, he's been texting me, mostly saying stuff like "i cant believe you lied to me, your horrible, you suck..." etc.

I mostly just say your right, you deserve more and bettter, but he still texts me. sometimes it isnt even about the break up. last night he kept asking where i was, what was i doing etc...


im extremely confused, what should i do? is he having second thoughts about leaving again? if so, do i keep texting him and being in contact with him?

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The first thing you need to do...seriously...is quit suggesting you're to blame. You shouldn't have lied...but you admitted it.


You're completely folding up for this guy that ran to someone else...


Not to be rude, but get a backbone. Stop telling him he's right, or that he deserves better - he broke up with you once. That was his fault. He hurt you...and you're apologizing for doing something because you were afraid to get hurt again.


If he continues to text that you're horrible, a liar, whatever...ignore him and move on with your life. The guy's acting like a clown.

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Texting is definitely not a good idea! I agree with yankeefan, you need to stop putting yourself down and agreeing with him that you are a liar, horrible and suck....because you don't. He's saying these things to you to make you feel like crap, he's winning, because he is. Don't allow him to control the way you feel about yourself.


No more texts!

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You guys are broken up - he dumped you. You are now under NO obligation to respond to texts, answer his phone calls/emails - nothing. You owe him *nothing*. No explanations, no excuses, no declarations, no acceptances of responsibility, no enabling of his attitude or behavior, no justifications. NOTHING.


You are now free. Act like it!


This pretty much sums it up! Read this over again and understand it!



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