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feeling low.


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I just need to vent. I find writing helps sometimes.


I am sitting here at work and just want to cry. I want to be a stronger person.


I went to the doctor last week and she put me on anti-anxiety medication. I've been feeling very anxious and on edge for some time. I've never been a very patient person.


I'm 26 years old and feel very alone. I have an awesome family and awesome friends but my whole life I've been associated being happy with being in a relationship. I've been in several long term relationships (2+ years) in which I was not happy at all; however, I did not want to be alone so I stuck around. So now that I am alone, I feel like my life has no meaning.


I think I may be depressed. I am going to speak with a psychologist next week as I am not sure how to get myself out of this rut. I wish I could go there sooner.


Now I feel like I am getting older and will never find the right one. I see my friends happy with their boyfriends, getting engaged, having kids, building houses and instead of feeling happy for them I feel jealous.


I was dating a guy that I had very strong feelings for but he did not show the same in return so I'm giving up on that no matter how much it hurts.


I am not asking for advise. I know what I am supposed to do - keep busy, go to the gym, etc. Has anyone ever felt like this?

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I have. I know how you are feeling. I have anxious days too. I am considering going to my Dr. to get on anti-anxiety meds. Some days I feel I can't cope with just the everyday things. It's good that you have taken care of your self and that you plan on getting further help. You will be fine because you realize there is a problem.

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Hey hun


Your 26 years old ... not 46! You are still young, energetic and still available on the market! The best advice I can give you is don't lose hope and don't give up on love. I guarantee eventually you will find that RIGHT person to spend the rest of your life with.


Look at the things you do have at the moment ... you have a great family and great friends ... I promise you that being single is not the end of the world. I think you just feel like this cause your used to having someone around .. and I'm sure you will have someone you love around you all the time soon enough. But you should take this opportunity to make yourself stronger, spend time with family, etc..


Don't ever give up hope hun ... stay positive and eventually good things will come to those who wait.

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Hey Piper, sure I have felt like this, I feel terrible now, I have just added a post about Fear of Engulfment as I am feeling so overwhelmed and scared of how much my new boyfriend likes and cares about me!!! (god I hate being me).


Have a cry in the toilet thats what I used to do, get it all out, you will feel better.


I need to think myself lucky instead of being scared. where does this feeling come from?

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I just feel so alone with not in a relationship. I hate dating because you never know if you are going to get hurt or not. So I feel like no one will ever come along.


I know right now I just need to be happy with me but that just looks like an never ending road and I am not sure how to get to the end of it.

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Hey darling


dont feel so low its just a matter of time, before some lucky guy is going to snap ya up


You got a lot going for you,good friends and a loving family. I can understand how you feel, everyone goes through this its normal.


I was on anti-anxiety medicine for a year or so when i had leave town and move , because of school. It was hard i went through a rough time losing my friends, but it made me stronger and i realized in life, things can change and its never in our control.


Cheer up ..remember the U2 song ..you are stuck in a moment , this too shall pass

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I just feel so alone with not in a relationship. I hate dating because you never know if you are going to get hurt or not. So I feel like no one will ever come along.


I know right now I just need to be happy with me but that just looks like an never ending road and I am not sure how to get to the end of it.


That road you are talking about ... I'm actually on that road right now, and I don't know when its gonna end for me. It's different for everyone.


Only way its gonna end is if you continue to be strong day by day ... that's all you can do. Live each day in the moment and eventually you will reach the end of road.

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Any hobbies? Is there an outragous thing you have always wanted to do? Sky dive or join a dance troop..ie belly or cultural? Take this time to be ALIVE.


I know you didn't want advise, so sorry...I hope it's okay.


You are having a pretty deep philosophical catastrophy. Is the lack of a relationship the issue? Perhaps you just haven't found yourself in this life yet.


Good news...you are there.

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I know that is the problem.. I need to be ok with just being me. I need to find me. I'm a successful, professional woman. I finished university with a honors degree in business and now I am a Chartered Accountant (similar to CPA in the US). I've been told I'm beautiful by many people, I just have no self-esteem. I just fell in a hole and now struggling to get back out.


It not that I don't want advice... Its just that I know what I have to do, its just doing it thats the hard thing. I need to just be ok with me and not having to rely on a guy to make me happy (not that they have in the past). I need advice on how to put the advice to work, ha if you know what I mean.


I am actually feeling alot calmer right now than I did this morning. I would start to cry for no reason... well lots of reasons but nothing in particular.


Anyway, thanks for the uplifting words. In times of dispair, sometimes all it takes is a few kind words.


To be honest. I think I've been single for 6 months in the past 8 or 9 years. I just jump from relationship to relationship without a break. I think I lost myself somewhere. I am to the point right now that I can't stand to be alone. I need to be with someone all the time (parents, friends). Maybe I am just afraid that I will be alone one day without anyone.

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Funny, I was single for years. Dated some, and had some reltaionships too. But mostly single life for me. I married at 32 years of age and had some trouble adjusting to life with a partner, even one I love.


I just about chased her away. But I have good taste mind you, and she's pretty tough. So on we go.


But with you it's the opposite. You have had partners and can't adjust so easily to being single. Your friends may be a part of the cycle that has you dating and so on.


Do you want to be single? Or a mother? What is it you think you have to do? Is it find yourself. That is large order, what does it mean?


What kind of women do you look up to? That may be a starting point?

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even though I am a lot younger than you, I feel like that too sometimes.

I'm always the girl tryna make it work whereas everyone around me seems to magically walk into perfect relationships.. so I definitely sympathise about hhe jealousy factor.


I think the only solution, for me anyway, is one day believing that there's nothing wrong with being alone.. because I do think it's that fear that triggers my anxiety.


whatever you do, I hope everything works out for you because I know feeling low all the time is not nice and in the end manages to get in the way of everything.


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Although I feel for you, I am truly thankful to know someone is going through the same experience as me. Word for word - I am going through the same thing you are right now. I too have jumped from relationship to relationship. I too have loving friends and family. However, I feel so incredibly empty all the time. There are moments of happiness, and I think things are getting better, and then I fall back into my miserable "slump".


Although it's easier said than done, I believe this too shall pass. Who knows the reason for our experiences in life, but I do believe that we have happiness that awaits us. Keep your head up, and know that you are not alone...

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I was doing a little better over Christmas - being kept busy I guess.


But now I am starting to feel like crap again. boooooo.


I've been talking to a psychologist and she said to get back to the gym asap. I'm just getting over the flu so hopefully I can start that again soon.


Thanks for caring.

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