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Hey guys,


I have a question... we all know for a guy coming on too strong early in dating a woman is disasterous. However, what happens in a situation where a woman comes on too strong early?? I was recently dating a girl that I met online and before we met she was saying things to me that already made me feel that this was already too important to her. Howerver, I don't have the personality that I get scared away from this sort of behavior as I am really down to earth. But some of the thnigs that she was saying were that I broke her heart when I had to cancel one day us meeting together. Keep in mind we never met. She would also say things like "you know i love ya but I have to go." I just thought she was a sweet girl


We ended up meeting and we had serious initial chemistry physically or at least thats what I was feeling. We even slept together after the 2nd date and she already asked if she could call me her boyfriend. I knew in my mind it was kinda early but I said sure if thats what she would like then fine. We were already saying we missed eachother.


I am really upset because I started to open up a little to her but I feel like I was just going with the flow here. I knew it was early, but it was because she was acting this way early on too and I was kinda jsut following her lead. I know I shoulda have taken a step back and been more careful regardless how she was feeling and I could have had a totally different outcome. I was just fooled into thinking this was one of those girls that it didnt matter because when you find someone compatible and right for you for you it doesnt matter.


Recently, she told me she doesnt have the same feelings for me as I do for her. She said she realized this was something that she ended up not wanting anymore. I knew exactly what happened here too and It makes me super upset because we were really attracted to eachother and I was beginning to like her and the time I spent with her. The day before she told me all this she was holding my hand and looking into my eyes and smiling as we were walking through the mall together. I am really disgusted by all this.

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I'm sorry you were hurt. Who wants to open up only to find out that they have 'moved on' so quickly.


Yes there were many red flags. Treat it as a learning experience. Anyone who 'opens up' that quickly, to that extent, has a fear of commitment or relationships. I've learned through experience to be cautious or avoid anyone who has all three kids names picked out by the second date.


I'm sure there was chemistry on both sides. Some people need the quick rush, that you offered, and then they move on. Not wanting to look in the mirror but move on to lose their own demons.


Each mini-relationship or relationship is a great teaching tool.


Good luck

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Anyone who 'opens up' that quickly, to that extent, has a fear of commitment or relationships.


Why is that though? If someone comes on that strong, I'd see it as that person being kinda 'desperate' for a relationship and latching onto the first thing that showed an interest, in order to get a relationship...

Why show all of the signs of wanting a relationship, only to then, back off?

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