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Lonely holidays


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I feel particularly lonely this holiday... I feel so loveless...


I usually feel really happy around Christmas, it's one of my favorite holidays, but this year there's something different about it... I just feel lonely... There's always something to look forward to, but not this year... nothing ever happens to me


Haven't been in a relationship for about 3 years now... maybe that's it... but its so hard to find the right person... nothing ever happens to me...

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I feel like the first 2 posters this holiday,but I am actively working on securing a new job after losing my last, and finding that special someone.


I'm determined to make 2009 the year that 2008 was supposed to be.


EDIT: 2008 was supposed to be the year that my ex and I got engaged, and the year that I was able to start a life truly on my own with my ex - no roommates. I was also looking for a better job/career, and to start creating a home for my future family.


NONE of it happened, and it's due to a lot of things just plain going wrong this year. I've spent enough time moping though, and I want to finally have some good find me - so I'm going to go out there and create the opportunities for the "good" i'm looking for to present itself.

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I always feel lonely and or stressed out around the holidays, mainly there is always some type of controversy going on with my parents. I also miss having a SO in my life, someone to share the holidays with. When my and I were still together, we always had a good time around the holidays. I would spend Thanksgiving with them and I would fly home to see my parents for Christmas (since I had two weeks off for Christmas).

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