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Do you ever feel like you have no one to talk to but wish you did?


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Actually, that was how I found this place. Sometimes it's nice to have a neutral ear, as long as you're honest with what happened and share things in this community then the responses you receive can be extremely helpful in getting you to a place where you're okay with what you're going through.

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I feel the same way too but.


talking is a two way street. There should be someone who can geniunely listen to what you say and have a intelligent convo. This takes energy and most people don't want to do that. So you can talk talk talk talk but if the other person don't listen for real then it is no use.


Successful conversation takes two to tango.

You say something and that person listens and helps you get what you want or gives you the solution to your problems. of course those problem ranges a lot. Once you find a understanding and listening person then you can reciprocate but if you haven't found then I rather be by myself and not use up my precious time and energy.


That is why going to the bar or club to talk to people is useless. if you are smart you bring that special convo partner there with you.

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