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He "accidentally" hugged me when he was leaving. Our eldest wanted one more kissy, so I took her outside to give him a kiss. He came back to us and put his arms around both of us. Loosely like he realized as he was doing it he shouldn't be......


Maybe this means that the gf is gone and he's ready to get back together and everything is going to be so perfect now?????


Alright, I know that's not what's going on here. He probably did actually just slip. I know I shouldn't but it was fun to think it for a minute.... ](*,)

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The mind can hatch some crazy plots to make us think or feel what we think we want.

It was probably just a slip by him since he was used to putting his arms around you both.


Even if the gf was gone and he now wanted you back that would make you a choice. No one should be a choice. Please be careful with your heart.



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I know. I sat around thinking about other times while he was here he was standing a little too close. Analizing every single motion he made and every word he said.


BUT. What we need to remember is whatever he did here. He left here to go hang out with his new gf. And I'm sure he is doing more than just standing to close, you know? So what does it matter. It doesn't except to drive me nuts for one more day./ Gotta stop that

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