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Anxiety attacks

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I would talk to the person who prescribes your medication. I've dealt with anxiety since I was young and as much as I hate to admit it, I need medication. I do think most people are over-prescribed, but life is not fun with constant panic attacks or being stressed. If you need the medication, so be it. You could just need to take it when you are feeling panicy, instead of everyday, etc. But definitly talk to you doctor.



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Hey TG20,

Sure. Lots of people do. I have for years.

Dehydration gave me more recently. Haven't slept well in weeks.

Now I find I'm allergic to a med for my blood. Just got out of the ER tonight. Second time in four days. Intense heart palpitations, worse when laying down.


Just wanted to reinforce what you said about not wanting to become dependent. Good for you, and good luck finding the best alternative. Study it.


Good luck with the job too!

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I've had anxity and had to take medication for it as much as i hated it i had too. Just dont get off the pills like that who ever prescribed the medication to you is the one that needs to take you off of them. What dosage did the dr start you off on? If its high dosage then the Dr. will tell you to take lower dosage so that you can come off them slowely. So dont just stop taking them. I did that and didnt get good results coming of it either.

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I had anxiety attacks for a few years after my father passed. I was against any type of medication, so my therapist suggested that I figure out other ways to distract myself when an attack hits.


I'd usually have attacks when I'd worry. For example, if my mom wouldn't answer her phone, or if my sister would get home late from school, I'd have an attack. I guess it was more of a fear of losing another loved one.


What I did was, everytime I felt an attack coming on, I'd sit somewhere, put headphones on my ears, & listen to music & just close my eyes & take deep breaths. Might sound weird, but it really worked for me. It teaches you to calm your nerves & distract yourself from what's happening.

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