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Need relationship advice, for right now and for future


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Hi. I am 20 year old male and until this year have never really been involved in a real relationship. I got involved with a girl and now for all purposes, we are a couple. We have been involved for 4 months now and I have two real relationship problems.


The first; problem right now is that she went to New York City for the break and I live in Florida. She will not be back until 2009 and I have a bunch of different feelings I don't know how to deal with. I miss her a lot and I am also worried about her. She is staying with her guy friend and his friends and of course I am worried for that. She says do not worry but naturally I do. I also hate it when she talks about her guy friends there and what they do together, so I guess I am a little jealous as well. She is busy over there and we cannot talk that much but I still miss her and really care and worry about her. How can I not get frustrated and let it bother me. I have never had this problem before and don't know how to feel.


The second; problem in the future is she is a foreign exchange student from Europe. She is studying here for only a year and will go back after the school year. When we are together it is great, we are really close and have a really good connection. What will happen after the year I don't know, but it is hard to think. I do not know what I should do or deal with these feelings either. I mean I really don't care too much about my future and have nothing set down and I like doing what is good at the moment. I really like to travel and I would not mind to visit her sometime in the summer or something like that. I really care about her and will miss her when she goes away. What should I do about this problem? If we just say goodbye and never see each other again it will be very hard. I do not know what I should or handle this problem.



Thanks for your time and sorry for the long post. I have never had a serious relationship like this, it has been just me hooking up with girls and I never cared as much as now.


Thank you

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do you trust her? if so, you have nothing to worry about. not to give you a bad idea, but if something happens it happens. just be strong enough to move on if it does. if not, be glad you have a truthful trusting girl. if you worry like this, you can lose her just as easy.


as for the foreign part and her going back, live in the moment. if the bond is enough, nothing will stop it.


basically, don't worry about the future until that bridge is reached.

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