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How to check into mental institute?


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I've become such a wreck over the course of this past semester that I feel that if I am not sent to solitary confinement I shall not live past the spring.


I really want to check into a rehabilitative program of some sort, but I don't have any addictions, just mental issues and living problems. How do you go about doing this? I'm hoping to schedule an intake within the next few weeks, but I'm sure rehab/therapy/medicine costs money, and as a college student, I only have $2700, but I would be willing to spend it all if it meant that my extended life would make a positive difference for someone else.


I literally have nothing to live for other than the hope that whatever work I may do in my life shall have a more positive than negative effect on others.

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hey fratboy,


this summer my husband was diagnosed as bipolar and he had an awful manic episode for the first time. i didn't know what to do either to help him because i had no experience with mental health.


so i called my local mental health hotline and they were a WONDERFUL help to me. it is manned 24/7 so no matter when i had a problem, there was someone there to talk to.


if you don't know how to find this number, call your local hospital or police department.


i really give you credit for knowing yourself well enough to know you need help and brave enough to ask for it.


i wish you all the best and will pray for your healing.


btw-- maybe your college campus offers some kind of services. if you have any kind of health coverage, look at the card you have to find a phone number to call and ask about your coverage.


bless you!

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At your college do you have a psychologist/psychiatrist you can talk to? At a lot of student health centers you can speak to one and it's usually covered by your tuition. Try starting there and then depending on what you both decide they can refer you to an inpatient program (if you need it).

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