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So i am in a relationship with a girl...

And its long distance relationship.

ok,so,I asked her if she misses me,she said when im doing stuff than a lil,but wen i have time 2 think i miss u alot...she said but it dont mean i dont love u...


idk i feel bad cuz i miss her alot,so...does it mean we dont feel the same for each other?



she said she is tired talking e me everyday....but she still loves me

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What? Just b/c she didn't answer in the way you were hoping, doesn't mean she doesn't feel the same about you. She flat out told you that she misses and how much or when. Then offered the phrase "that don't mean I don't love you"


Atleast she didn't say "no" when you asked her if she missed you. that's when you have to worry.

If I were you, I wouldn't ask her if she misses you. It kinda makes you look a bit insecure.

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No, it just means that she's someone who's really into what she's doing at the time! If she's very busy she hasn't got time to miss you. That's all - it doesn't say ANYTHING about her feelings for you. If she misses you a lot when she's not so busy, that suggests she has strong feelings for you.


I'm wondering, though, if it might be an idea for you to develop yourself and your interests. It sounds as though you're feeling sad at the moment, and it will be hard if you're very dependent on someone in a long distance relationship if you don't have resources outside the relationship itself.

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