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The Holidays

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Yeah, sorry to hear you're feeling bad. I feel the same way. I have pretty much just ignored the holidays. When I go out, I feel like the grench. I just try to remind myself that what I am doing for myself is good. And next years holidays will be filled with joy and happiness. I think going through a break up is a major sacrifice of time. You can't just enjoy everything like everyone else you see. It makes you feel alienated. But everyone goes through it at one time or another. just think of how much time you would have sacrificed being with the person? You may have felt content at times having company. But the reasons why the relationship didn't work would still be there. At least you are sad but open for possibilities. It will be okay. It's normal to miss him. When you think a disturbing thought, just minimize it, push it out of your mind and tell yourself he is just living day to day life like everyone else.

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