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Is this a result of my anti-depressents (sever erection problems im only 18)


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Hello, im an 18 year old male attending university.

Iv always been a sex hooligan, Masterbateing daily etc, Loved sex. I could never get enough i'd have it every single day. HOWEVER.

I was on Zoloft and i felt it effected my sex drive a little but i still had sex 3-5 Times a week, and masterbated almost every day. Zoloft simply made it extremly hard to orgasm.


Now iv beenon Effexor for about the last 5-6 months and i started only having sex like once every 1 to two weeks, i found ymself not masterbateing at all, and i just never could keep erections or even get one.


Like id want to get in the mood then i couldnt get a erection or i couldnt keep it and id simply get frustrated.


I don't know if my effexor has been effecting my sex drive.


I have a new girlfriend now whos a virgin and only had 1 other sexual partner and the first time we did anything i wasnt hard and couldnt get hard. Im pretty sure she took it negativly as in she was doing something wrong.

I tryed to explain to her but just i cant get through.



Im trying to find out weither my severe erection problems are a result of that.


I did cocaine , + marijauna over the summer, but havnt for the past 3 months


except a bit of weed.


Iv stoped the weed recently and still i can't even get in the mood or get hard unless i start watching porn and masterbateing soft, then eventually i'll get hard but its still never as hard as i used to be.


its extremly frustrateing.



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Yes antidepressants can very well affect that. Doing weed and cocaine isn't going to help. Especially not with your depression.


Talk to your doctor about the side effects. Some antidepressants are worse than others as far as sexual side effects. Your doctor can try switching you to something else that doesn't affect you so much.

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Yes, antidepressants can definitely have an effect on your libido and ability to orgasm. This is part of the reason I keep going on and off them. When I'm on them I feel so much better mentally, but sex is the last thing on my mind. When I'm off them I feel like crap, but I really enjoy sex. I just can't seem to be able to figure out which is more important.


I know that this is particularly the case with the SSRI type of antidepressants. They have other types out there, such as Wellbutrin, which can actually INCREASE your sex drive. I gave this one a try, but it didn't agree with me. It has worked for a lot of other people though. Maybe you could talk to your doc about switching to something else.

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