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I just don't understand..


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Hey all, I'm in need of some advice,


I'm 19, turning 20 pretty soon. I've been involved in a relationship with my boyfriend who is 28 for the past year. Initially, my mother, who knew he was a bit older than I am didn't really mind. After about the 6month mark where she realized it was getting pretty serious, she began to oppose the relationship. It came to the point where, she did not want me talking to my boyfriend at all. I would understand if being with him had a negative impact on my life, but..it does not at all. Not once have I been pressured into doing something that I do not want to do. Furthermore, I'm in university and my 90s have remained 90s there is no drop in my academic or extracurricular life.


How can i tell my mother and the rest of my family, that he isn't a bad guy..and they should "cut me some slack"?

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Perhaps they are afraid that he will want to get serious and you'd drop out of school to have babies with him. Most parents want their children to get a good education before they marry or have kids, so that they can get a good job and support themselves and not have drudgery jobs their whole lives.


So i think if you can convince your parents that you have every intention of finishing school and not dropping out to be with him, they might lighten up a bit.

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