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I can't stop thinking about him!!!


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It has been 2 weeks since I kicked my boyfriend out after 3 1/2 years I discovered txts to other woman that were not innocent and he has problems with pot/drinking and gambling it got to the point where I didn't believe anything that he was saying to me and he is in serious financial trouble about to lose his house to the bank and many other things that caused the relationship to break down.

I started no contact but he keeps turning up here to pick up things he has left here and everytime I have to see him even though I act like I don't care I am left feeling really empty and sad. At night he is the last thing I think about and even though I feel I may still love him I know there is no trust there and no happy ending. I have decided to leave the town I am in and go somewhere else for a fresh start, when he comes over here he acts like a real ass so I asked him not too anymore but he still is WHY is that????

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Gather ALL of his things, put them in a box and make sure he gets them all.

That way, he has no reason to come over.

If this is your house and he keeps showing up...I would tell him that you willl call the police if this continues. (You don't have to go that far unless you need to, but if you are asking him not to come over and he still does...he's not respecting your wishes)

And when he does show up, he acts like an ass? Nice.


All of your reasons for ending the relationship and kicking him out are valid. There doesn't seem to be a good reason to keep him in your life.


It's ok to miss him. That's normal after a break up. I don't honestly think moving to a new town is going to make you forget him any faster. Not unless you two work together and see each other all the time.

No matter where you live or no matter where you are at...it's going to take time to get over him.

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Thanks for the advice I have been looking after his dog too because he just left him chained up at his house which he is not even living at I went and took the dog after a neighbour told me that he was tied up all the time and I felt bad as I used to look after this animal and I thought that it was just cruel to leave him there I guess I could have left the dog but I felt bad for him but having the dog means that he will probably end up here looking for him.

I am just trying to do the right thing or maybe I don't know what the right thing is anymore.

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