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Not sure what to do


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I've known this girl for 8 months or so. She is at grad school a good distance away. The last time i saw her i wasn't sure that she was still into me as a potential boyfriend. We hung out about 3 weeks ago, and she gave me a kiss good night. So i figured everything was good again. We hung out the next two days, she seemed a little closed off, and a little distance. I think i figured out the reason for that too. I had some lyrics on my IM and she would always comment that "there must be another girl back home". The first time i thought it was just a joke. I thought i gave off the signs that i was really into her. Everytime after that got me thinking. She even brought it up after we hung out 3 weeks ago. I wanted to say something about a relationship during that time, but i didn't, because she seemed a little closed off. Anyway after she got back to school she drunk dialed saying "I miss you", "I wish you were here". She mentioned her ex too, and how much she didn't like him. About a week later she brought up the "other girl thing again". I remember i asked her why she kept bringing it up, and she replied "because i think there is another girl". I made an effort when we hung out to show her that i really liked just her. I drove 40 minutes to her house just to say goodbye before she drove back. I told her the things i did just for her. she said you can kiss me goodbye but that doesn't mean there isn't another girl.


I finally just told her, there is not one else, and i like just you. Since she hasn't brought up anything about any other girl. So that's why i think she was a little closed off 3 weeks ago. Anyway, i really want to move the relationship along with her at this point before i lose the chance. I know shes interested i just don't know what to say at this point. She also brings up her ex every once in a while, and it makes me hesitant that she may not be over her ex.

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