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Why am I mad? -- The rantings of a crazy perosn


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I'm mad because I'm 30 with two kids and I don't have a home anymore. Well the home is still physically there, the house that we moved into with all our stuff isn't. I'm mad that if I had waited a week then i would still have all my stuff. I'm mad that I have to make that distinction. I'm mad that I don't have anything. I'm mad that everything I have worked for my whole life is gone.

I'm mad that even though he was there during he wasn't after. I'm mad that he says * * * * like " I thought you had it handled"

I'm mad that he doesn't understand what's wrong with that.

He shoulda been there and he shouldn't assume.


I'm mad that he says we shoulda been able to work through it.


I'm mad because if I wasn't mad we probably could work it out, but that doesn't make me any less mad.


Ugghh I'm just mad. I'm mad at him. I'm mad at me. I'm mad at the whole scene.

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