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Does Sex Equal Love?


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I don't want to assume anything, but my question is, if he is more emotional during sex, should I be able to tell his emotions are getting involved? The first time could have been just sex. Even the second time it could have been just sex, but the last time, he blow a gasket! It was more than a man just being Horney.


it doesn't matter what he does during sex...it matters how he is emotionally involved with you after it.

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notice how there aren't many guys around to answer that one?


I know this isn't the answer that people like to hear, but from my experience, there are many MANY guys who enjoy sex more when it's casual. (on the side especially) For example, when a man cheats, he is excited about the thought of getting caught. Men are motivated to try new tricks in bed with other women. The sex is steamier. Eventually, the guy becomes consumed with his mistress and bored with his wife.


So when the man becomes consumed with his mistress and bored with his wife, doesn't it mean he is falling in love with the mistress?

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Some guys like casual sex, some dont; same as women. It depends on the guy.


I personally have only had sex with 2 girls - one in a relationship, one not. I have to say that the girl I wasn't in a relationship with... well, the sex was much better, much more intense, and much more passionate. It was amazing, where the sex with the girl I had the relationship with earlier in the year.. it was bland. Boring even.


Still, I'd rather be committed before having sex. It just kinda happened for me.


Do you think you were in love with the girl you had the relationship with?

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does sex = love. absolutely not. it's a physical act. does it help with finding a match? yes. i think it's a part of a relationship just like meeting on some emotional level. sex is sex though. if you aren't compatible in the sack, i don't think it will work out much. if you are in love, it can make the sex better.

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Sexual chemistry is one thing, but as a woman, the most crazy intense sex I could possible have is with the man I'm in love with. By the time I end up falling in love with someone, my sexual inhibitions are gone and I feel comfortable. Then I can focus on the emotions and closeness of the act along with the pleasure.

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I think this thread is losing track of the OP's real original question. Her question REALLY was because he came really quickly and responded to the sex more than before, doesn't that mean he is falling in love with me. That is what her question boiled down too. regardless of hte debates about sex being better when there is love (and yes, I generally do agree that its consistently better when there is love), I think the real answer here is that she CANNOT decide he is falling in love just because he seemed way more into the sex last time. In reality, it could have been awhile, or he could potentially have taken something that heightened the expereince or any number of other things that could have affected his response. UNLESS he tells her or shows her though actions other than sex, great sex does not mean he is in love.

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I have had great sex with someone I wasn't in love with. I liked them, but that was it.


Great sex does not equal love.


The progression of the quality of sex over time does not have a direct correlation with the intensity of love being expressed or felt. It could happen but I don't think there is an absolute answer that can be derived simply from this observation.

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The question is, doesn't a man's emotions start to be obvious during sex once he starts to fall in love? When a man falls in love, shouldn't I be able to feal the difference when he makes love to me. That is the question. When a man makes love to a women he's in love with compared to a woman he's not in love with, he is different in bed. Having sex and making love are two different things. A physical act and making love to some one you are in love with are two different things.


I'm in my late 30's. I've had different sexual acts with men. I wanted to know from men, what the difference is when they start to fall in love compared to just having sex with a woman.

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