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My friend was threatened.. now what??


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Hello. I have a friend who was recently physically threatened (the person threatened to harm him physically) and did this in front of others, humilliating my friend, claiming to be drunk.


should my friend report this to a person above him? (status-wise). my friend has been trying to think of all the possible things he might have said or done to be threatened in this way, and has come to two things that might have really bothered this individual. my friend doesnt want an enemy, but he felt terrible and humiliated after the drunk threatening. also afraid in case the threat ever occurred or was carried out.


should my friend report it?/tell someone? physical threats are NEVER excusable, under any circumstances, no matter what, why, where or how. is what i told him. isnt that true?

thanks for your help.

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Not sure what you mean by 'status-wise'. Was this on a job? If so, reporting it is the smartest thing to do.


I hope you'll fill in some details, and I hope this works out for your friend.


No, it wasnt on a job, but it was at a place/environment where my friend will keep seeing this person. probably on a daily basis.

but, he must stand up to the threats, shouldnt he??

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