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Is this true?


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I just wanted to know if guys actually do this...


Do you guys become best buddies with the people who are arround the girl you like?


Ive seen it happen a few times,in my own case and other people's cases...


when there are 2 people who may be attracted to each other.....

..... the guy happens to not talk much to her but becomes best friends with the girl/person sitting next to her. Like real good buddies. He barely talks to her though....just a "hi".


whats with that..isnt it done purposely or...??

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I haven't seen this often. But yeah, it does happen.

Me tho, I don't make friends with the buddy of the guy I like. If I like someone, I much rather try to make friends with the person I like. Making friends with their buddy and ignoring them may give them the impression you don't like them, but want to be with their friend.


So, yes, it does happen, but mostly I have seen it with younger ppl. Such as teens.

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