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Have you ever felt like you dont deserve to live,or to be loved?


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As the title say,have you ever felt like that?I feel that a lot.Because of various reasons.Like for example,I hate girl for having sex(talked about this in another thread,so dont ask me to explain)and because I hate them,I started for a very long time to believe I dont deserve to have a gf or to make sex.

I also feel like i dont deserve to be happy.Think about it.I stay all day indoors,and I complain that I cant socialize and I am alone.But maybe I deserve this.I cant do anything,and because of that I will probably never be happy and I'll alaways be alone.To be honest,I am also a little afraid to change.I am afraid to be happy,to have a gf and to have sex.I feel in my mind that this will change me.I don't know why I think like that.

Very often I feel that I dont even deserve to live.A guy like me shouldnt bother others.I feel like I should stay hidden from the world because I dont deserve anything.

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Yes, I do.


I am quite like you. I stay inside all the time when I'm at home(at school, different story as I have to stay until 6:30pm), but I have anxiety and I cannot step foot outside this house without anxiety rolling around in my thoughts and feelings. I do not feel like I deserve to be happy. To even have pleasure. (in the sexual way) It feels wrong and bad.


Could you go to your doctor, because you sound very depressed at the moment and you could have an anxiety disorder preventing you from living your life, because as far as I can see, you suffer from quite a lot of anxiety.

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dude me too... Im 18 and Im kinda like you....

People and my friends tell me that im a very confident and strong person.. But inside I hate my self... I like a girl too much, but I dont want to be her bf... I think she deserves someone better than me... I have no value for my self... I think im useless... Im a good looking guy as others tell me but I think that im the ugliest one... my personality sucks and I always think about why I am like this? why cant I have her? why am I in this * * * * ing world? the hole thing is about: I dont love my self...



im fighting for it... I want to love my self.. I want to be happy... and Im sure the day I love my self, she will love me too....


dude, fight and fight and fight for it.. I know, if we try hard we will success... buy some weights as I did.... and when you are angry or depressed lift the weights. go to gym and empty your anger.... you will feel much better.


sometimes I just want to yell, yell as I high as I can... I dunno why


c y later

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