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I have a problem with a girl... need help!!!


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I am in love with a girl she was too... we was toghether for 2 weeks and i was talking with her friend that liked me i was just tallking with her but sudenly i liked her too i dont know why... then one day i desided to chouse one of them i choose her friend dont know why but it was like that then sudenly the girl i loved didnt answered to me not even once i asked her friend to tallk to her and find out what is going on i really wanted to tell her the truth about me and her friend but she didnt answered and then she sayd "you want to tallk with me, dont you? so say what you have to say!" then i asked why she wasnt answering to me and she sayd "after what you did to me i dont want even to know you and to see you ane more, go to (the name of that girlf her friend i mean) you have chosen her didnt you?! so dont even tallk to me any more! goodbye" but berof all of this i understanded that i wasnt right by chosind her friend so i tried after what she sayd to tell her that its not like she think (i knew that it was useles but i did) and tried to apologize but i knew that it was allready late and that it was imposible to do anything so now i dont know what to do i want her to speak with me and to be toghether like before but i dont know what to do so if anyone can help me i will be grateful to him!!!

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Hey buddy


Are you still in a relationship with the current girl that you chose over the one you really want to be with? Are you having sexual relations with that same girl?


I mean, I would be hurt as well, if I liked some girl and she ended up choosing my friend over me. I don't know if I could go back to her considering that I was her second choice.


I think that the friend you really want to be with is very upset with you and doesn't want to speak with you. But if you continue to force her to talk to you, it will just push her away more to the point were she won't want ANYTHING to do with you.


If you really care about her and you don't want to lose her as a friend ... give her some space and time to get over this, she deserves it.

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Only time will tell ... but I know for 1 thing, if you keep forcing her to talk or keeping calling her non-stop, she will get annoyed even more with you and won't EVER want to speak with you again. Give it some time and when you think that enough time went by, you can give her a call and leave her a message saying something like, "I'm calling to say HI and just see how your doing. You can give me a call whenever your free. Talk to you soon" ... your still letting her know your there and also letting her know that she can take her time in calling you back. But after you do call her, and she doesn't call back, DO NOT keep calling ... wait for her to call you back and play it by how the situation goes.

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Sounds good! I hope things work out buddy!


Don't post a new thread, just reply in this same thread after 1 week with the results, that way I'll get an email notifying me that you posted on this thread and I can check it out. I'm very interested to know how things will play out and I hope they will play out good.

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well xander. What you did was something like betrayal. You proposed to the first girl and you started liking her friend? dont you think she's right in not wanting to talk to you? What would you feel when someone you are in love with goes and falls for your friend and she sends him to find out why you are not talking to her? I guess you would just blast him. She'd have done the same, at least she tried listening...I hope you do understand your mistake. Right now, she might hate anything to hear from you. But if you are lucky she might take it lightly. But dont go around reaching her in any possible way. Dont try through your friends or anyone to make her understand how you feel... just leave her alone. but mind you, there is little chance, girls are that way, they dont want anything to do with people who hurt them so bad, specially when you did that in just 2 weeks of your relationship....


I'll keep my fingers crossed..

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yes i know that very well i just want her to talk to me i didnt tallk with her for more thatn 3-4 days now and i will weit more and when time will come i will try my best to stay friends !!! but at the very and i cant do anything with that i have done to her i was stupid back then but i did what i did there is no way to go back i just hope thats all i have !!! :sad:

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What's going on buddy?


How you holding up?


Hi now you can see the results... after 1 week i went to speak with her and it was a lot beter why desided to just be friends and nothing more but then we had a new problem witch i dont wanna say here!!! just it worked at the end thaks a lot im glad to you!!! now see ya!!!

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