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Same guy, same problem


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Hi, me again.... As many of you know by now I like this guy but he is very shy and I'm not sure if he likes me. I used to think he liked me, but now since my friends keep asking him if he likes me , he's acting differently...Plus when his friend asked him if he likes me he said he don't know, because my friends are really anoying.....Then I got my friends to stop and now he talks to me almost every day and I catch him looking at me and listening to my conversations and he always smiles at me...And also the's this other thing...His friend knows that I like him, and so MY friend asked his friend if the guy I like likes me...His friend sayd that he hasn't liked anyone since grade 6, were in grade 8 now...But his other friend says that the friend who said that always lie and the guy that I like never tells anyone who he likes...So can you tell me what you think and if you think he likes me? And please tell me the truth!

Thanks, Sourskitless 1:


P.S- We both are 13

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