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Do you know if someone is your soulmate?

scared and alone

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He just called me yesterday - unexpectedly.


He called again today briefly.


He went into drug and alcohol treatment.


He did not try to make excuses for the way he left me. He said that he has cried and felt terrible about how he left every day.


He said that there is no way he could live without ever seeing or speaking to me again.


He will probably be back in our home within a week or so.


Regardless of all of the major issues we will be facing together, I am looking forward to having him back.



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I don't believe in soulmates either. I do believe in true love though. I think that when 2 people get together (who they have an interest in), they will just fall eventually in love (hopefully, if that's where it decides to go..) and make their relationship work, and thus are compatible. I think if soulmates really did exist, one would have to meet everyone in the entire world to be in order to really find their "soulmate" and I think that's just impossible for anyone to do that in a lifetime.

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Another update:


I will post a more thorough account of this under the breaking up section soon.


Someone I have known for almost 14 years - a friend who turned out to be a very sick man was involved in getting my partner of 11 years to leave me. He told elaborate lies mixed with the truth to my partner over a month long period to convince him that I was cheating and not really in love with him.


Lots of details to explain the dynamics but this man drove to Los Angeles and picked up my partner and took him to his home. He tried to convince my partner to never contact me again.


I was also calling this "friend" as I had no idea what he had done. I cried and asked him for support and advice. He told me that my partner sounded like a terrible person for leaving the way he did and that I should never contact him again.


My partner finally saw the inconsistencies in this guy's stories and he called me. We talked and everything made sense. I had to convince my partner to not beat that absolute living sh*t out of this guy before I could get there to bring him home.


This sounds like something out of a movie but it really happened to us.


Our heads were spinning for the first week just wondering what happened and how it could have happened to us.


My partner did not tell me that this guy was calling him because most of what he was being told seemed to make sense. This guy knew that my partner and I had many arguments recently and saw this as a good way to implement his elaborate and sickening psycho plan to break us up.


This guy always wanted me to be with him but I thought he got over that years ago.


He has never been in a romantic relationship in his life and he is 56 years old!


5 - 6 weeks of pain, misery and grieving for my partner and I because WE did not communicate like a couple needs to and because this sick psycho was someone we both thought was a friend.


Hindsight is always such a wonderful and useless thing - but I really see the signs clearly now that this "friend" was someone I should have eliminated from my life many years ago.


My partner and I are very happy to be back together again - and there has been an unexpected but extremely pleasant benefit of our renewed commitment to communicate - the sex has gone from really good to absolutely incredible. Things he wanted to tell me for our 11 years together but was too embarrassed - and really nothing to be worried or ashamed of.


Steve 1

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When you meet that special someone, you will know. When your thoughts are consumed about your "soulmate" and just seeing them makes you tingle all over, you know that you found them.


Many of us settle for something less. We are happy just for looks or we are lonely or rather have someone instead of no one.


The key to your soulmate is being able to tell them anything and you do not worry about their reaction. You must be physically attracted, but more importantly emotional attachment. I am sure some of us confused lust for love.


Do I think there is just one for everyone? No, there are plenty, but the key is not too settle for less. No wonder our divorce rate is so high.


After reading personal ads on various dating sites and Craigslist, I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Some of them are so sad and just because you want a 6' or taller blond blue eyes with lots of muscles or a woman that has large breasts and is skinny and hot. Maybe that is your soulmate, but I honestly believe the other qualities mean more.

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