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Quitting smoking.


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I made the decision to quit smoking.


I have been spending too much on this habit, and honestly I just hate thinking of all the things I could have bought with that money.


So here goes. I guess I'm on the right track, I drove home from work without buying any cigarettes, even though I was REALLY tempted.


I want one, but I'm not going to get any.



Wish me luck. ](*,)

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wow, over two packs a day! that's a lot, i'm glad you're doing well now.


my boyfriend and i are going on a really great vacation in september and i'm using that as my motivation. the money i will save not smoking will help pay for a lot of that trip, and also without being constantly out of breath i can go to the gym and work out to get toned for the beach.

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Wow! I was a smoker for three years (about 6 per day depending on how much I'd had to drink, right? and I quit using the gum method. I got the super strength tropical flavored nicorette gum and I would split it in half and eat one a day basically. It took about three days to feel stable...and two weeks to be done with that cancer causing crap forever. I also had to isolate myself and become a hermit, as many of my buds smoked constantly (don't hangout with smoker buddies you won't succeed in quitting). But I emerged a non-smoker and a healthier and happier human being because of it. Now I know I can do anything.


It's super miserable any way you do it. There is NO magical cure to being addicted to nicotine. Wait yes there is! It's called grit, perserverence and time. Think of it in a two-fold manner:



1. time WILL make it better, everyday you are a little more "okay" without a cig

2. your body is going through the arduous process of weening itself off of a chemical that is as familiar (and essential) to it as oxygen (on the chemical level). Let your mind appreciate the process your organs are going through.


I commend you. Tobacco companies make money off of people's pain and misery. Sh** loads of money.


I agree with the above: best thing i ever did! I go to a university built on a hill. While a smoker, I would weeze and sputter at the top of this long stretch of steps I had to climb in order to go to class. Now I race up those steps. I get sick less. I'm not constantly reeking of tobacco and wondering...how am I gonna get enough money for cigs?


Fight the F U C K I N man. It will the be the hardest and most rewarding thing you will ever do. Get it girl!


I know you can do it because many before you have.

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I've been a pack+ a day smoker for about 13 years (16 years total), recently (since having relationship issues) I was up to two+ per day for the last 3 months. I just started on Chantix the week before last and it seems to be working really well for me so far. I have had a few since my cut off date (5 days ago) but it leaves me w/ the smokers headache so I don't really desire them currently. The last 3 days have been completely cig free. It's the ingrained habits I'm working on now. It still feels odd that I'm able to drive a car w/o lighting a cigarette. Did you know that you can actually walk through the door to your office building w/o having a smoke first? It's also possible to drive straight through to work in the morning w/o stoping to buy a pack. It's amazing, but these simple facts still feel odd.


I'm optimistic but still a bit worried. I had quit for 7 years previously before starting back up for some very stupid reasons. I had only been smoking about 3yrs at that time, so it wasn't so hard. Since starting back up 49 days was the longest I've been able to go, but started back up due to stress at work & home.


Smoking has actually effected my life majorly. One of the largest issues that my wife and I have is the fact that I smoke. Her mother died of lung cancer about 9 years ago and was a lifetime smoker. My wife didn't like smoking in the first place, and the death of her mom made her almost militant about it. So I was having to hide my habit as much as possible. This involved really bad, obvious lies, since you could smell it half the time even with lots of altoids & cologne. So the constant lying became a big issue. Also I would quite often sneek a smoke in the evenings and when we went to bed I would have to lie on the edge of the bed facing outwards so that my smoke breath would not give me away. She took this as a major sign of lack of affection. Likewise, I wouldn't be able to kiss her like either of us wanted. If I had had a smoke in the last hour or so (guarenteed, if I was just coming home) I would only allow a quick closed mouth peck, and would quickly dash away until I could eat & drink enough to cover the smell. After time all of these combined to become a major, major issue that has almost destroyed our marriage. The money sink didn't help either, the brand I smoke is 5.89 a pack so I was spending just shy of $300 a month, which would have allowed us to go out a bit more or helped our bills when we needed.


Now that I'm honestly trying to quit, and I'm not lying if I slip, she's been extremely helpful. So for myself, and for her, I'm going to see it through this time. Now I just need to find some other way to deal w/ stress.

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Sunshine - You can do this! You can!!!


I quit using Chantix on November 11 or 15th.... I can't remember which. I'm at about 35 days. I won't lie. It was one of the most difficult things I've ever done. Note - I used the Chantix for a few weeks - I quit taking it shortly after my last smoke. I don't know if the severe agitation was from the Chantix or not smoking.


In any case - not smoking has been SO wonderful!!!!!!!!!


Reading through these posts has been so comforting to me. I can completely relate. The sarcasm of "Yes you can go into the building without that one last smoke!" rings so true. I truly never imagined that I could quit. Getting into the car (when alone) without smoking? Yah right! Sitting for a long car drive without smoking? Ha! I've done it though.




- When I smoked, I'd go buy a pack everyday. Half the time I'd spend $2 or more on misc junk at the gas station as well. So my habit was costing me approx. $180.00 a month. That's alot of money!!!


- Time - I never smoked in my apartment - only outdoors. I can't tell you how many hours of my life I wasted sitting outdoors smoking. And oh how much I can get done now that I don't smoke!!! I don't have the excuse of "oh I'll just smoke real quick" (which always turned into an hour of sitting out smoking and talking on phone) before cleaning or doing laundry or dishes. (During late hours of the night.)


- Health - Had a little cough once this season. Last year while being a smoker I had pneumonia, influenza, and strep throat. Wow. I don't have time for being sick!


GoldenHill made a good point while I was quitting - ususally if you feel like you need to smoke, if you redirect your attention to something else (exercise, cleaning, anything,) and tell yourself I can make it another 10 minutes, usually you forget and before you know it an hour has passed.


Even after I was over the physical effects of feeling like I needed to smoke, I'd catch myself finishing projects and the thought "OH I'll go smoke now since that is done!" would cross my mind. I'd just remind myself "oops no I won't. I'm a non smoker."


I'm starting the gym in January. Something I didn't feel comfy doing before because I was a smoker and my blood pressure would jump when exercising... Gah!


Smoking cigs should be illegal if you ask me. I never felt that way until I went through the stages of withdrawal from nicotine.


Sorry this is so longwinded. Good luck!!! Feel free to write me if you need to vent!

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Thanks for all of your stories.



I caved in, I smoked a cigarette today. But my boyfriend is being very supportive, I have a hard time with the whole cold turkey thing - but he's helping me cut down bit by bit.


I figure if I ween myself enough, it'll be a lot easier to get rid of that ONE smoke a day, than almost a pack a day.


I know, bad me. lol

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don't knock yourself over it. each one you have will make it a bit harder, while each one you skip will eventually make it easier, although it may not feel that way currently. cold turkey is not an easy way to do it but it can be done w/ persistence. I know a number of people that have been able to do it. what you have to make sure of is that the one cig does not turn into two or three tomorrow. having a vacation for a goal is an excellent idea. rewarding yourself along the way can also help, especially if your bf is willing to help. for each week you keep it up have him or yourself treat you to something you like. use some of the money you are saving currently to help you make it through the first month or so.


remember, a slip is not the end of the world, and it does not prevent you from continuing forward so don't let it undo your progress. while at the same time remember it as an area you can use improvement because if you totally dismiss one, you may dismiss two or three tomorrow or the next day. this isn't easy by any means but just think of the sense od accomplishment & strength you will feel later when you know deep down that you can & have beaten it.

i'd say good luck but there is no luck other than what you create yourself in this case so instead i'll simply say our prayers are with you.

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