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when a player plans to settle with another.


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Sorry for the long read guys...


I've never had an official boyfriend until recently, just flings here and there, and unofficial or on-the-down-low relationships. But let's just say I was a promiscuous party girl back then... until I realize what I'm doing and I guess I'm a pretty good girl now. I just recently broke up with my first official boyfriend, and I really want to get back with him...


We met at a party on November 15th 2008. We got together real quick, a week after we met each other. We're both known as the illest players. He knows about my past, and I know of his. At first, I didn't really like him, but I realized how nice he was treating compared to the other guys I've stayed true to only to never achieve the official title as their girlfriend. And I guess I felt it was time for me to feel really loved. Over time, my feelings for him grew. We live 35miles apart, and I don't drive so taking the train takes two hours. Being a nice guy, he'll always drive me back and fourth to where ever I wanted. He was a real gentleman, treating me to food, and things like that. He's a bad boy, acts hard outside with his boys and stuff, but with me, he's really nice. But because of his reputation, I was a very clingy girlfriend. I was constantly checking up on him and flipped out over smallest things. I'd admit, I was a crazy girlfriend, and too overprotective. And he wasn't like that with me though.


So we broke up partly because of facebook and this exgirlfriend.

One day, I was on facebook and realized his status read: Enoch Wu is staying in NY until she gets here =] Tomorrow! I was really weirded out so I went on his facebook to check out who's this she he's talking about. He never wrote a status for me, so this girl must really be something. He wrote to a girl saying something along the lines of: hell yeah, baby girl coming back! Now I had a chat with him about there's only one baby, one hunnie, one sweetie, one whatever the hell you can name, and that's me. Then I realized the info box underneath the facebook profile picture? He deleted a line that I wrote which was our est. date and my name. He also hid his relationship status that's displayed on the left boxes. I was thinking, is he trying to hide me by not letting these est dates and stuff show up on his facebook? So I asked him, who was this girl you writing about in your status? And he explained to me it was his first girlfriend and best female friend. They lost contact for four years because she moved to Canada, but she's coming back for a visit, and he's going to pick her up from the airport. I said oh okay, I understand and never said anything else about it. Then the following day, I kept calling him (mainly to check up on him) but used the excuse of asking when he's going to deliver my cellphone back. He was with one of his kids and his cousin and they went for a car wash when I called. Now I been bugging him for weeks worth of time to get it, but now he finally does, which leads me to think, why are you cleaning it now? So that you can look fresh for her? But I still never said anything. He finally said my phone calls got annoying and I hung up. According to his cousin, he dropped both of them off, and then picked her up at 8PM. I was wondering, why couldn't they just tag along, it's just picking her up. Anyways he promised to deliver my phone at a later time at night so when it was 3AM, I called to check what happened with that. Never picked up the phone until at 4AM, his kid tells me via message that my boyfriend got arrested and he's in the bookings. I was very worried, and couldn't sleep, wondering what had happened. I didn't go to school the next day because I was too tired, and decided to stay at home to wait for him to call me back.


When he finally did, I found out he got arrested for getting two car tickets... Is that even possible? Then I asked where he went with his ex after he picked her up and told me they had a one on one dinner at some fancy restaurant his boy had told him to go to. I have never had a dinner date with him like that, maybe cause we are still early on in our relationship, but it made me feel uncomfortable. But I never said anything about it because I don't want to flip out on something small again and result in a major argument. Next day, I tried to log into his facebook account and the password didn't work. On AIM, I posted an away message that read: Just six more days, why does it seem like we can't even make it to that?! He IMs me and tells me silly you, Christmas is in nine more days. And I just couldn't take it anymore... All the things I didn't tell him about just piled up and I had to burst. In six more days it was our one month. We started arguing and stuff, and I told him I felt like I was the only one putting in effort. It sounded like we were about to break up. So I used a friend's facebook account and messaged him: hey I think you're cute, are you single? And he replied: that was random, yeah just turned single. He realized it was me ten minutes after and said nice try, now I'm single for sure cause you're pulling off some shady mini cooper using some other girl's account to test me. Big name calling kinda light hearted teasing on the side conversation continued from 2AM - 4AM. Crazy.


Next day, I met up with him to get my phone back. He tried to talk to me in the car, but I refused. Then he drove off madly. I told him he'll never get me back and acted cocky with him. An hour or so later at a party, I texted him and asked if he had wanted to talk finally since I'm in a good mood now. He said he was busy but he came up later with Terrence because Terrence had to talk with his sister who happened to be at the same party I'm at. But we never talked. And he left. And I also never complained about the other things about facebook and stuff.


I'm trying so hard not let it bug me, and think maybe if I don't call him now, he'll finally have the time to miss me. And we'll hopefully get back together. But I left my phone at my friend's house again, so I can't reach him... What can I do to save this relationship? Is it worth saving? Is he true to me? I really want to get back with him... I just can't watch my first relationship fail like this! Thanks for putting the effort into reading this... Greatly appreciated!

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