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Rant about a confusing/confused girl


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I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but something has been bothering me all day.


About 10 months ago, I met this girl at my old job. She approached me and asked me if I was the same guy she had met the night before at a bar she had been at. I was 20 at the time (she's 27) and told her I wasn't. She didn't believe me, so I showed her my ID.


Needless to say, that got the ball rolling. We started talking at work a bit and she confessed that she liked me. I told her that I had a gf (did at the time) but I had no problem talking to her at work - but only at work.


A few months go by, and I find myself single. This girl is still telling me she likes me, so after a bit of time to myself, I ask her out. She says yes, but waits until about 3 hours before we're supposed to meet up to tell me she doesn't want to anymore.


This same scenario plays out for another 3 months or so; she keeps dropping major hints that she wants to go out with me, I ask her out and she says yes, then she cancels last minute.


My entire office thought this was hilarious (nothing was a secret there -.-) because she wouldn't stop talking about me, and yet wouldn't go out with me either.


3 months ago I got a new job and I stopped talking to her altogether. I thought she would just be someone who stayed in the past.


A week after that, she calls me up at 1am on a Saturday and says she wants someone to fool around with. I'm like "Um...? Ok?" She invites me over, then immediately says don't come - I don't want to fool around with YOU, but someone. I hung up on her and went back to sleep.


I didn't hear from her again.. until last night. She calls me out of the blue at midnight and tells me AGAIN that she likes me, wishes she had someone to keep her warm at night, and invites me over. Then changes her mind and invites me over tomorrow (today).


Once again, 3 hours before we're supposed to meet up, she changes her mind. The excuse this time - she wants to eat dinner after work.


That's it.


I asked her what that had anything to do with hanging out with me, and I never got a text back and she wouldn't answer the phone.




Am I really that repulsive? Or is this an issue with her? I didn't start contact or even keep contact with her... she called me, initiated it all, and then canceled.


Urgh. It's just frustrating.

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Wow! That sounds pretty strange I don't think there is anything wrong with you, no worries. I think this must be an issue she is having. At first, i thought it might have been that she's very anxious and maybe that is what kept holding her back. But after all of those incidents, it sounds very suspicious. It might be possible that she had been seeing someone else at the same time, and she was very undecided about what she really wanted. I guess i really wouldn't trust someone like this ultimately Something doesn't seem right.

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