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So I know this friend from school is a lesbian and one night when I was really drunk, I told her I was attracted to her. After that, I was pretty embarrassed but she asked me to grab lunch the next day. I was super-awkward because I was embarrassed and since I was seeing someone else kind of seriously, I avoided her for awhile. After I broke off ties with the other person, the girl I had said was attractive invited me over for lunch and it was really fancy...after that, I would only reply to things initiated by her: texts, e-mails, etc., although I would invite her to hang out some other time if we were out doing something else...


I'm not sure if she likes me. She texts me fairly frequently and one day when I told her that I was free at 4:00, she called at 4:04 to hang out. Our conversations flow well...but it's hard to tell with girls because sometimes they just want to be your friend because girls are good friends.

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