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I am freak out when he said he is in process of divorce


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A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine started to contact me and saying he loves me. He said he finally decided to divorce his wife because his marriage was gone for years. He said that he won’t see me until next year, so we both have time to think about the possible of our future. He said his divorce has nothing to do with me, but he has been calling me every day just saying hi, sometime, he wanted to know how I feel about him. I was freak out when he expressed his feelings to me. I have not heard from him for months, I do not know what happened to his life before. In the past, we only had lunch few times.


He is a nice and sweet guy. I actually do not mind dating him after his divorce. I just wonder why a guy can’t be alone for a while. May be I had a bad experience a year ago, I feel I am still in healing process; I am really freak out to date a guy who just get out from his marriage.

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In the past, we only had lunch few times.




Two possibilities - either he is a player, so he's really bold and habitually sends surprise confessions of love like these, or he's a nice, shy guy, who doesn't have a lot of interaction with women, and thereforee fantasises a relationship based on a few lunches.


In any case, it can't hurt to meet up with him. I say go for it.

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