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I need some advice; can I uninvite him???

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Okay so I need some help from an outside perspective...


My ex and I have been broken up since end of Octoner. We have slept together a total of four different occasions since ( I know I am a complete idiot who is still in love with someone who has no respect for her). Last week was the last time we slept together and it set me back, way back, like worse than the initial break-up. I could barley get out of bed. He is just using me and keeping me right where he wants me, so he can come back if he ever needs to. I hate admitting this because I don't know how I can love someone who is so wrong for me and who would be so disrespectful.


This is a guy who will NOT contact me at all unless I contact him first then he will call back, text back, come over...


Well now it has been a total of 6 days NC and a couple days ago I sent out an invite to by 26th bday party. I decided that I would invite him (the whole time knowing that it probably wasn't such a great idea).


Well now after doing a lot of reflecting I really don't want him there. I am mad at myself for inviting him in the first place, for giving him the idea that he can still have me whenever he wants...


I want to be done and then more than that I want him to know he no longer can come back and use me.


So do I uninvite him, just say oops, sorry decided I really would rather not have you there. Not to say that he will come, maybe he won't, maybe I should wait and see if he RSVP's and not say anything until he says he is coming or maybe I don't say anything at all..what is done is done??


I know this sounds silly but....

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So do I uninvite him, just say oops, sorry decided I really would rather not have you there.


Yes.... You should also add that you really would rather not see him at all anymore! NC is your best bet to get him out of your life and not let him use you anymore. Your birthday party should be a time to meet some new guys

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I would invite him but have my own date just tp make a point and what not.

Girl it sounds as though you need to really end this relationship any way one way or an other it is just not healthy i my husband now treated me like hal of how your ex does I would leave him.

You deserve better and there is better out there do not sell your self short! Good luck

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