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Is it over?


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I screwed up and went threw my chicks phone and got caught. she got mad and left. well heres the thing I am wondering if its over but she wont tell me. she said she has nothinig to say and wants to be left alone right now and will call me when she is ready. I know i need to give her the time to figure things out but I asked her if it was over between us and or if we were done and she was gonna leave me, and her answer was she will call me when she is ready. well if i threw it out there I feel like if she really wanted to break up she would have when I gave her the opertunity? I guess I feel that her notwanting to talk to me and or see me is just my way of being punished? I know she still loves me and I know she cares..... but I dunno this may be the straw that broke the camels back ya know?


what do you guys think?


thanks for your help

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yyeah well i do trust her, i just have alot of insecurities from previous relationships being left and cheated on and issues i had with my mother... so its been a pretty tough life for me.... but she does know all that so mabye that will help???

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