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Have I lost my friends?


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Why is that when you get a boyfriend and your friends do also then the friendship circle just disappears?

I dont understand I would never cut off my friends for a guy that I have been seeing 6 months. I dont understand I ask to catch up with my gf's to have a girl night either they never get back to me or reply they are always busy with there SO?


Maybe they just dont want to hang out with me anymore?


I mean I just emailed my gf for the second time and she never replies. I am feeling quite stupid and angry messaging her the second time and she hasnt responded and she is meant to be one of my closest friends. It just seems that she has made her BF her whole world.


Another friend of mine sleeps at her bf's house fri to sunday and even sleeps at the families house when he is up playing his playstation and she is in his bed sleeping? I dont understand. Dont these girls want lives from outside there boyfriends?


I asked another to come out for a drink with me and she replied " oh you know XXXX we cant go galavanting around town now that we have boyfriends? " ?????


I feel like I am hitting a brick wall?


It is just annoying because my bf has guys nights with his boys and I would like to have a girls night with mine.


But then again maybe the bf's of my gf's dont need to have boys nights anymore so thats why they dont have girls nights with me...


Something to ponder...

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